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Just like humans, dogs have their behavioural issues from being a puppy, right through adolescence to adulthood. And, if not dealt with from the beginning, can quickly develop into situations we are all too familiar with - chasing other dogs, barking at visitors and so on.

That's why there are no set fees displayed as each dog and puppy is individual - and whilst the symptoms might be the same, the root causes can be manifestly different.

However, to give you an idea of base prices, a common behavioural issue can start at £90 if you're located within the Greater Manchester area. This will include a 2-hour visit, during which I will explore the problem with you in-depth providing you with professional guidance, followed up by a detailed report. In complex cases, further investigation and subsequent visits might be needed, so please contact me to discuss.

If you do have pet insurance, please be careful to check behaviours is covered before contacting your veterinary practice for a referral - see Veterinary Referrals for full details

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